Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For Sale.

For Sale.
Any one keen for a Really fun camera set up?
Iv had this camera for about 2 years now. I Got it off a mate.
Who baught it and used it twice. Its a really fun set up. Featuring a
Panasonic NV - GS150 digital Camcorder.
and a Custom made Water Houseing.
Made by PTH houseings. www.pthouseingprojects.com

Panasonic Camera Features.
  • 10x optical zoom.
  • 2.3 mega Pixel.
  • Mic Jack & Accessories slots.
  • Snap Shot Photo.

Houseing Controls.


Back window and Handels.

Selling it all for $1000 O.N.O!
Send me a comment for more information, Pictures ECT.
Or if your keen to by it. Yew!

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