Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Happy New Year! "09" HighLights?

On a More Personall note I Hate Working and Summer Holidays!
But have to be happy with the Coin and the m
yth of sunny days and blue skys.
Not so much for last week but the first day of a new year had a sun
ny but all so a very groggy
day and awaiting work to serve old cunts some din
ner! The last week has been
Shocking for waves around home nothing even worth posting about,
But as it is the first
day of a new year for 2010, Thought i might post a few Highlights from "09". Even Though
2009 Was the worst year for waves EVER! We still managed to get the funnest times
out of it and a few fraimes here and there. Enjoy.

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