Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Week has Passed!

Hey guys.
Sorry i haven't posted anything interesting in
a while. But the waves have been Shit!
There was a soild south swell this week

but when the waves were good i had to work!
Happens every time! Scrapped a few fun ones
out boxy on wednesday arvo, nothing great but still fun.
Got a few framies so enjoy.

P.S.B.C Comp
Last sunday we had our first Local Club Comp
for the year. Waves werent the best but had a really fun
comp Non the less. Stand outs of the day would have to be
Matt M. Little Grommet was shredding A's to bits.
Also Cameron Mccullough, Kane McTaggart & Kieran Woodford.
The Resluts for first and second for ever division went as such.
1st. Kieran Woodford
2nd.Matt Malanja

1st. Cameron Mccullough.
2nd. Kieran Woodford.

1st. Tahnee Sams.
2nd. Alan Chegwidden.

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