Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lazy Sundays.

Charts Looked Flat for today!
But got up early anyway and went and checked
Reef Rights. As me and kieran got there it wasen't breaking.
So we drove round and checked Morna. the beach next to it.
Seen two foot sets roll through and quickly darted back to reef.

Rocked up at reef and seen a bullshit set. Grabbed our shit and padelled
straight out. Got out there and it didnt break for half an hour.
Just as me and kieran were about to paddell in, Alan and matt came out.

And it was all on from there, Bit of a wait betwee sets but Non the Less ended up
with some fun bowls, nothing great but fun if you haden't surfed for three days.
anyway here are some framies Enjoy!

Matt Mccan Kieran Woodford. Alan Chegwidden. Tahnee Sams.


  1. what board shape you got g?

  2. what ya reckons a good shape for tyte spins ect sick of tr's shape

  3. Iv had Prides for my last 2 boards.
    Both Cades Models and there a bullshit shape.
    But not to sure other than that sorry mate.