Monday, April 19, 2010

Back too School!

Well its been awhile!
Iv been on the Central Coast for the last 6 Days.
Went up for state and stayed around hopeing for some waves.
Got some really fun waves but nothing great so most the time
we were getting free meals at Maccas, or Blake would be yelling at old People (Harsh)
After hurting my foot two days befor state, i was going to pull out.
But i rested it and finaly it came through and i could surf with it.
So as it was my heat i paddelled out, and had a Shocking surf!
came 4th and bailed haha. Owell still got Really fun waves
at Iceys, Cracky and Banzia. Heres a few shots Thanks to Keenan & Mitch Taylor.
Check Mitches Blog!
This Video is one that Brad P Made of a few Recent Swells.

Nelson Bay Bodyboarding from Brad Pobje on Vimeo.

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