Wednesday, May 5, 2010


There is a Link between this post and the Title.
Got up really early this morring and went to check the waves at boxy.
The charts were looking sick for it in the morring, ran down there in the dark and
freezing cold to find a very very low tide cold offshore 1 foot set!
Went back to bed! The charts allso said that during the day a local reef would be pumping!
So me and Kane Took our Boards and shit to school because it was early day.
and we finished at 11. So after four hours of all most unbearable school!
we grabb our shitand headed to the bus stop!
after waiting for an hour for the bus!
we got a phone calloff alan who was allready there!
Alan Says: No Breaking and Onshore Boys!
Tahnee, Kane and Camo Say: Frothing!!!!
So we ended up just going back to boxy which in the end wasSo Fun!! Surfing it for soild 4 Hours!!!
Anyway Heres a Photo of the King Him Self back in his prime.
Also Boxy in its Prime too. Also a little Framie from the Other Day's waves.Enjoy. (First photo is of Matt Mccann)The Link Between the Title and Story is that The reef that was forecasted to be good and offshore
is located at Morna Point which is also the Name of the Band who sing The Song seebreeze and live at Morna Point aswell.

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