Monday, August 30, 2010

Hold Downs!

Went on the hunt on sunday just around
home for waves. We wanted something different.
The charts where looking good for a wave called
Bombie. The Worst thing about this wave isnt the
half an hour walk, Or the fact that it is out in the middell
of nowhere. Its the Hold Downs and Alan found out the hardway.

After surfing for an hour Alan took off on a bomb and 'Bombie'
showed him how it gained it's name. Alan droped from top to
bottom and with no time to scoop was left going straight.
When it lipped him in the lower back. Both fins and fin savers
sucked clean off. His brand new board (this only being his fourth surf
on it) was punished with three deep creases across the slick. And Alan
being pushed to the bottom and held down for a good ten seconds.
Having to swim to the top with no fins. After Alans beating we called it quits.
But with much anticipation we wait for the next swell. This time we will take a
Camera. Here is a Shot off Luke's phone.

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