Wednesday, September 1, 2010



  1. someone should talk to kieran woodford about his constant overexposure of the bay with his million fucking tags on every fucken peice of shit he puts together..
    if you future caretakers of the bay want it to end up infested like my area the south coast, with every cunt on the east coast dropping by every swell, then just let it keep going on, if not, say something! this is for you and all your PSBC mates!
    someone who cares

  2. Hey mate.
    I fully agree with you, but talking to that
    kid is like talking to a brick wall.
    He thinks he is the shit, and dosen't talk to
    anyone. Everytime he overexposes every wave he surfs everyone just says what the fuck are you doing. Must be such a hassell down your way.
    But here the waves arnt good anyway so it dosen't really matter all that much.
    Thanks for caring mate.