Monday, November 22, 2010

Down Under.

Got a call on Saturday night at 12:30 pm Saying:
"Dude, Hurry up I'm out the front!"
Still in my dazey state I grabbed my stuff
and an old shit Camera which had been out of
action for a while. Must have been still half asleep but
at the time seemed like a good idea to bring it along.
Four and a half hours later we pulled up to the Funnest waves
we had seen in a long time. With no hesitation Luke, Locky and Myself
decend down the bush track to Pipe. As we where getting ready we set up
the old Camera in one stationary position. Just to see how it would look
with no one maning it to film different angles. It seemed ok so we continued to
get ready and go surfing. An hour into our seshion Luke Stirto cut his leg up on an
inside one and went in for a break. During his relaxation period he maned the lense
for a few minutes. In that time i managed to get six fun ones. The clip below is the Six
waves that turned out half decent from our one day trip down under. Enjoy.

Away. from Tahnee Sams on Vimeo.

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