Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finally Some Luck.

After working for 10 days straight and not haveing any good waves for a
while, Summer was really starting to suck! the people, And most of all
the Flat spells and east winds! But yesterday getting a hole day off
woke up early headed to a local reefy hope for like 1 foot fun. Rocked up
to 3 foot perfect bowls off shore not a person in site. After about 3 hours of surfing with
me and two other mates Mike from SB Photo http://www.the-roast.blogspot.com/
Came strolling down on his bike. With his houseing in his hands. We Got some fun shots
i got lucky with this one bomb and mike shot a sick shot. He must have thought it was allright beacuse it
went onto his blog the Roast. Check it. http://www.
Any way heres a shot of me enjoy


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  2. Nice work grommie, getting the job done!