Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Myspace or Yours?

To Start hello. Scored pumping waves today at my local. Haha.
Sorry that wasn't a very good joke. But no today got all ampped up
for waves got the hole day off the Death trap that i refer to as working in
this little sess pool kitchen, Work with sick cunts Get sick pay! But the work its self
is so Fucked!
Cameron who i should of listened too this morring when he said
the surf was flater than paper, Came down and shot these two
very arty shots, Haha. And said straight after it, " Theres Your New mysapce shot".
But after looking at both and haveing a little giggell i couldent decide witch one to out
up on my page? I decided to go with the old fashion BW Scence it makes me look
not as ugly as i really am in real life. But still props to camooo for the photos.

Half way to the Cooks Babey!
Keep Working Thoese Nine to Five shifts and
Enjoy thoses Pay Pakets! haha. Thought id Share this
Only Because i have nothing else to talk about. Untill nexttime
If i dont see you Good Afternoon, Good Evning and Good Night!

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