Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Got some fun waves this sarvo, Nothing great just your
average 2 foot semi clean bowl at locooo beachie. But it was
much better than Nothing! Witch has been going on alll week.
im sorry to say that i have no new pictures of framies to share with you guys
today, But the other day i scored a barging from a mate.
Who was selling his camera and lenses, Allthough i allready have a camera
found one Funky little fisheye that looked pritty sweet. Hooked it up to cam
Camera and has a Squizz, Pritty fucking sick! haha. Got mates rates on it and
it being only not even 9 months old yet, Got it for $100 Large Son!
So As soon as some waves of quality arive you will
have fun hopefully
Fish eye fun Fraimes to look at. Stay posted for these shots! In the mean time
here are a few shots from a local reefy an
d while ago. Enjoy!

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