Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have to Enjoy the Little Things.

Happy Australia Day Everyone. Like it matters.
No waves today also had to work. But got the good pay =).
After finishing work today i wondered into the Bay to see if
there were any of the celerbration festivitsy going on,
But Nothing but little kids and old piss head cunts.
After blowing two hours doing nothing! Decided to walk home
witch is about an hour walk! (Couldn't get a lift home.)
As i got out of the bay still with a half hour treck ahead of me.
It started pissing down raining! Best luck in the world haha.

As i got home had nothing to do at all and with no surf to post about
i sat in the back yard with mum doing agian Nothing!
I was looking at the ground and seen a snail doing some pritty
wired things, The litle fella as trying to catch his own tail haha.
I ran to my room and grab my camera. Ended up playing with this little
Snail for nilly half an hour so funny. Too
k a few funny Fisheye fun shots
just in my backyear Thus the title of this Blog Post it
Have to Enjoy the Little Thi

(Click For Larger Images.)

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