Monday, January 25, 2010

Twenty 10.

Sorry been lagging on the posts abit lately.
Scored some sick fun waves over the last two weeks.
Went up to Foster the other week with kierean in search of
some decent rideable waves, Ended up surfed 3 - 4 foot
offshore T - Bone for soild 4 hours! With out Putting zinc on.
Pritty stupid move! I am as of that day now getting sun smart haha.
After comeing in from it we were so wrecked that we forgot that
Kizzas dad had been sitting on the hill snapping some funky shots with
his very funky Cam Corder. The next day we had a look through it and found some
pritty sweet stuff on there, Pritty stoked!

When we got home the swell was just Dead!
Witch wasent a bad thing seeing i had to work the next two days.
Got yesty and today off and Mistery swell came from nowhere?
Surfed fun as Rip Bowl yesty and also scoed a Loco Reefy super fun today.
Witch i surfed twice today witch is a rare thing at this place.
Any way here a little video from this month. Enjoy.

Tahnee Sams In Tweanty Ten. from Nugget. on Vimeo.

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