Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Youth of Today.

Got Up at 5.30 This morring to try and
chase some waves befor work. Kieran cam and got me
and we went and checked Box.
As we pulled up in the car park noticed to P plate c
and a massive tent in the car park. Witch is so bullshit because
when we tryed to camp there some limp dick ranger fuck
( Ranger Richard ) Came and made us all go to the ranger station
and do all theses Nugget interviews and shit!
Any way as we got out of the car we noticed all these chairs on
the middell of the car park, As it was raining we just walked past them.
When we came back up the track as box was shit like allways!
We noticed that all the seats were in a
big ring
around a big red Bong haha.
After that we got back into the car and went and check a local reef.
As we roked up and seen a couple of bombs unload onto
shoallow rock shelf we got hell amped up.
Jumped into out wetties and ran down. From the rocks you
jump off to the acutall reef is about a 100 metre paddell.
Might not seem like much but when the water is pure orange
with red sea weed and there is about 60 birds out the back picking
off fish every two seconds you just have to think to your self
holy fuck there is a massive shark somewere here!
After we got out there surfed for an hour until the king tide fucked it!
came in and went to Ye Old Pir Shop =)

any way heres a few frames from John Enjoy


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