Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She Moves her Body Like a Cyclone!

Alan says:
fuck im boreeeed
tahneesams says:

Ok then lets do a blog Post =).
Haha. With all the talk about cyclone Algar heading down the ea
st coast
starting in northern QLD. We have watched and waited for this tropical
Storm to hopefully bring in the goods! But to our dissapointment.
It Hasent! Yet! Awoke this morring to a 0.02 metre low tide
At my Ell Loco witch currently has no banks! Look pritty average
but with no school for three days was pritty keen!
Surfed twice and took the camera down for a bit of a muck around.
After a 4 hour surf with twenty minute turns each behind the
we walked away with some pritty funky stuff. M
ight be a little bit shakey here
and there beacuse brad decided as we walked out my front door to
head out for a second surf that it would be funny to snap one of the tripod
legs! Now whos laughing cunt! Hahaha.
Any way the charts are looking pritty fun for tomorrow and hopefully the
wind swings around to bring some super fun seshions!
But everytime i get excited after looking at the charts there allways wrong anyway.
Heres a few frames from this morring and afternoon. Enj




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