Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Funnest Grommie Ever. Haha

Last night looking at the charts for today it seemed all most too
good to be true. And it was! woke up at 6 this morring put my wet wettie on
jumped on my bike and rode off to my local. Got there it was 4 fooot shories
seedy as onshore can get and most likely blue bottle infeasted!
After rideing back home in the pooring rain and going to sleep for a nother 3 hours.
Woke up and went to find Jayden and kane ( Trouble ) Haha,
After doing nothing all day but mucking around with my iphone
we filmed jayden the little rat and decided to put some shit together and
post it for you guys haha. Hope you enjoy.

Funnest Grom. from Nugget. on Vimeo.

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