Monday, February 8, 2010

East Swells.

Friday 6th of feb.
2.30 finally comes, Sitting in that hot class room!
That bell goes off and i run for the gate! Fuck that place..
Freedom for two days! Rock up to Morna madjic at 3.30....7th of Feb.
Awake at 5 am.
Heard about the swell hitting this morring.
Rock up to boxy with kane and kieran, Walk down to pumping
4 - 5 foot clean bowls not a soul in site..


7th of Feb.
On the charts no sings of the swell dropping
direct east with North East winds. Didn't look good.
But when are the charts ever right?
9am to 12 boxy was on fire!
And to cap off a fun filed weekend of east swells
a reefy seshion that left us all beging for the day not to end.


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